TikTac – Short Video App with Admin Panel

Limited Period Discount

Admin Details

Login url : http://demo.kodemart.com/video/tiktac/admin

Username : test@kodemart.com

Password : admin@123


Demo App URL

Apk url : http://demo.kodemart.com/apk/tiktac.apk

Demo Account

Username : demo@kodemart.com

Password : demo123

Server Requirement 

Main Specialty of Tiktac is, its not require any special server, you can host and run it on shared hosting server

Android App built-in Android Studio and php

Tiktac – app for sharing short videos with powerful features and beautiful design and Responsive Admin Panel can manage videos, categories, users, staffs, contests and others. Start your own app like TikTok, Likee, Josh Clone Today.


Short Videos App
Video Based Paid and Free Contest
Upload Videos
Download Videos
Manage Categories
Works with Shared Hosting
No additional special requirements

Run on Shared Hosting
Update App Anytime online
Easy Admin to Manage App
No need to update app everytime on play store
Launch App in Minutes
Contest Feature with Prize
Hash Tags and Video Categories
Video Search using hash tag or keywords

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