BlogMaster | PHP Website Template

This is complete website template with a backend to manage it. This template can be used to build a website with multiple pages and blog posts. You can even create users if you have a team to manage your website. No extra coding skill is required, just install this piece of template in your web host and enjoy managing your website.
Here is a short list of features you will get if you purchase this PHP Website Template
For Backend
1. Create Unlimited Blog Posts
2. Create Unlimited Pages
3. Comments on Website
4. Create custom sidebar widgets
5. Upload Media to Website etc.
For Fronend
1. Stickey Header
2. Search Blog Post
3. Dropdown Menu
4. Comment on Post
5. Custom Side Boxes/Widgets

Everything will be graphics based so no development or coding background is required.
With our easy to use backend/admin panel it will be a lot fun creating/managing your website.

Link to Backend demo:
Login credentials:
password-> 1234

Link to Frontend demo:

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